Why do funeral homes take fingerprints of the deceased?

Fingerprints have been identity proof in china since 300 BC. Most funeral homes take fingerprints of the deceased to turn them into memorial pieces. You can use fingerprints to make jewellery. There is no need to be shy about taking the fingerprint. It is a popular service in funeral homes currently. I will give you details about why do funeral homes take fingerprints of the deceased and different aspects of the fingerprint collection at the funeral homes.

When did funeral homes start taking fingerprints?

The United States started using fingerprints for identity verification in 1908. People considered them proof of identification since then. Funeral homes have been taking fingerprints after a trend started in 1998 to take the deceased’s fingerprints to make memorials. People felt comfort when they had a memorial item of their loved ones after death.

Many brands started making memorials with fingerprints. It was famous enough for the funeral homes to initiate fingerprint-taking services. It also became an issue for some people who did not like to take the deceased’s fingerprints. Governments have instructed the funeral homes to get written permission from the deceased’s family before taking the fingerprints. The move was to prevent fraudulent activities after the death of the person. The written permission is also proof that someone has a fingerprint.

Do death certificates have fingerprints?

Death certificates do not have fingerprints. If you want to take the fingerprints from the death certificate to make a memorial, you will be disappointed. There are two types of death certificates. The physician prepares one certificate at the time of the death. This certificate has more detailed information about the cause. It also has the physician’s name and license number. This certificate does not have fingerprints.

You need to take this certificate to the government authorities to make an official death certificate from the government. It has information about the deceased name, gender, date of birth, and date of death. You may also find the place of death on the death certificate. It does not have fingerprints also. If you need to take fingerprints of the deceased to make a memorial, you need to contact the funeral home as they can assist you with the process.

Do funeral homes keep fingerprints on file?

Most funeral homes keep the record of the deceased fingerprints on the record file. There are some places where the government laws prevent them from taking the fingerprints of the deceased. In this case, you need to inform that you need the fingerprints. They will take them for you before the cremation or burial. There is no need to ask for fingerprints if the deceased person was serving in the armed forces. They will keep a record of all the deceased persons that died during duty.

If you are planning to ask the funeral homes to provide the fingerprints at a later stage, it is better to inform them before the cremation. There are higher chances of finding fingerprints in funeral homes because they keep fingerprints on the record files for all the deceased people. They will keep this record for five years. Some may keep the record longer than that also. You can contact them a few years later also if you decide to make a fingerprint memorial.

How to get a fingerprint necklace for the deceased (not DIY)?

We can divide the process of getting a fingerprint necklace for the deceased into three steps. You need to acquire the fingerprint in the first step. There are many ways you can get them. You can take the fingerprint when the person dies if you want to make the necklace. You can use the impression pad to get fingerprints. It is also possible to rub the charcoal from the pencil on paper and use the thumb to make an impression. If you forgot to take the fingerprints, you can ask the funeral home as they keep the fingerprints on the file. If the deceased was a part of the armed forces, you can get the fingerprints from the department.

You need to send the fingerprint impression to the companies making the necklace. You can send it to them using the mail service as you can make a photocopy of the impressions and send it to them through the mail. You can also take the picture of the fingerprints and send them using email. Most companies will give you instructions to take a clear picture to make a good quality necklace. You need to go to an area with good light. You can use your mobile phone camera that can focus on the fingerprint. It is crucial to take pictures in a place where the fingerprint is not covered by any shadow. You can send them these pictures using the website portal also.

Most websites will receive fingerprints online and collect payments from you. You can go to the company website to pay them using the accepted payment method. Most will accept credit cards for online payments. They will give you an estimated time for the necklace preparation. You will get the necklace at the address you provided at the time of payment. If you have any questions about issues like address change, you can contact the company. They will help you solve all the issues.

Fingerprint necklace kit

If you are concerned that the funeral home may not take perfect fingerprints or do not have the equipment for that, you can ask for the fingerprint necklace kit from the company. The company providing the fingerprint necklace delivery services also delivers these kits. You can use them to take perfect fingerprints with more details.

Most companies have the same things in the fingerprint necklace kits. There is a strip with the ink. They will also give a paper with smudge-resistant properties. They will also provide instructions to use the kit. You can find the instructions in the printed form with the kit. Most companies claim that the kits will work for children above 12 years. You should ask the company about the kit’s suitability if the deceased person is younger than 12 years.