How Emily Jacobsen’s Ratatouille song became a real musical

Making a career in the performing arts is not for the faint-hearted; it requires the ability to move with the time, adapt to tough times, and to be innovative. The time of the pandemic was such a time when people had to think outside the box in order to beat the hard economic times. Ratatouille was a perfect example par the excellence of performance art and the benefits that come with social media.

Who Started the TikTok Ratatouille musical?

The Ratatouille musical was not the work of one single person, but rather, a mix of ideas from different people. The project was conceived by Emily Jacobsen who was teaching as an elementary teacher in New York. Because she was not teaching, she got bored and decided to download Tik Tok instead. The engagement went on as she was thinking about Ratatouille ride that was finding its way to Disneyland. She proceeded to sing the song about Remy, a song based on Catholic hymns. The idea was conceived where a Disney character would be blended with some names in the song. 

The next person of interest was Daniel J. Mertzlufft, a musical arranger and supervisor. Daniel created the next lyrical in the grocery store, and at this stage, this idea started commanding a lot of attention from different actors. Unlike Emily’s song which was her own idea and work, this part had a total of 15 people singing. Again, at this stage, there was a general consensus that the project would be performed as a musical. 

Gabbi Bolt, from Australia, picked things from there attributing his achievement to restlessness in the creative process. In just ten minutes, Gabbi wrote both the verse and the chorus, with the backing taking 20 minutes. With the video uploaded, it had attracted 800, 000 likes within a single day. 

Emily Jacobsen Ratatouille Song

Emily Jacobsen made a big contribution to the Ratatouille Song. And just like her other videos, they are concise, short, and interesting. She has made specific choices in the performance which makes her work unique. It was made as a joke, and then the followers started to take it seriously and hence the trending. In this performance, Emily makes use of Remy, a rat that is used in cooking.

With the work of Emily Jacobsen, the space was open for other Tik Tok users to make use of this original idea and come up with their own ideas. The performance reflects that not every person can become a good artist, but a good person can come from any place. The internet sensation became magic, especially with the stress that came with the pandemic.

Is the TikTok Ratatouille Musical Real?

Ratatouille is a performance that does not exist on stage. However, this does not in any way limit the thrill that comes with the performance. Perhaps it is this quality that makes it better to adapt to different people, from different cultures, and from different parts of the world. Again, most of the Disney Musicals are simply targeted for commercial endeavours. On the part of Ratatouille, it was something for fun. As a matter of fact, Emily took part in the project in its early stages and even forgot about it. Thus, because it is not real, it becomes decentralized, unsanctioned, and collaborative.

Another advantage with this being not real is that one can get away with a shorter performance, says Christian. For example, a musical would warrant that you have more minutes at the stage, and keep the audience waiting for more. With the Ratatouille, you just need to use a word or a phrase, and within a short time, you are already halfway down the line. This laxity of rules makes this option appealing, thrilling, and attractive. Even without being on stage, the Ratatouille was set for growth.


Tik Tok has given its users a space where they can express themselves, pass time, and engage socially. Some have successfully taken this space in order to make a steady income. The Ratatouille is a big milestone for Tik Tok users. Overall, Tik Tok has a lot more to offer in the future and it carries immense potential.