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The Avatar Clans: A Complete Guide to the Na’vi Clans

If you are a follower of the ancient tribes and clans, then you certainly must have come across Na’Vi Clans.

They are a rich and culturally diverse group often referred to as Avatar Clans, and those who forget about their demographics and history will not be able to know much about them. In this article, we will try and get to know more about the Na’Vi clan. To understand them, we need to keep a few things in mind.

They are amongst the most distinct races and clans in the avatar world. However, it may not be possible to impose any nationalism that could define them in specific geographic boundaries. Hence it may not be possible to bind them to any specific nations, countries, or regions.

The reason for this is quite simple and uncomplicated. This tribe and clan have certain fundamental beliefs and values that are not negotiable. They are not based on the strictures and demands of nations or certain geographies. They do not believe in the concept of diversity of religions, different political beliefs, ideologies, economics or even gender-related matters.

They also prefer staying away from inter-clan competitions when it comes to competing for resources or other such things that often lead to conflict between various groups of people.

What is special about Na’Vi?

When we talk about Na’Vi, it actually means the people. Hence, this should be the first lesson when it comes to understanding more about them. The meaning of Na’Vi should be reason enough to understand more about them. If one looks at their history, there are reasons to believe that represent units. They believe that mankind is a single unified entity. Hence, they have always shared everything that life has to offer, whether it is living things, heavenly bodies, or even each and every geologic event that occurs.

This belief is unique and perhaps sets them apart from many other such tribes in the world today. They believe that each and every living being is interconnected as far as their lives are concerned. It is the driving force of the entire way of life of the Na’Vi tribe and this thought process has been ingrained in their foundation and perhaps even in their DNA.

However, there could be some demographic differences here and there, and in most cases, such differences are on a superficial level.

Differences do exist

In spite of a very accommodative and well-meaning thought process, it would not be wrong to mention here that there are differences that exist between different clans of Na’Vi. As mentioned above, they are distributed across many parts of the world.

As we move from one country to another or from one part of the world to another, you certainly will come across different types of behaviours, evolutionary adaptations, folkways, songs, and other such ways of life and behaviours. There are many avatar clans that may have their origins in Na’Vi but they could have different types of cultures, belief systems, and ways of life.

It may not be possible to list down all the different clans. However, I am happy to talk about a few of them over the next few lines.

Na’Vi Clans Forest. Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

The Omatikaya Clan

This clan basically has its habitat in the Jungle. They specialize in weaving and textiles. They are a part of the Na’Vi tribe but are known for being extremely spiritual. They have, for generations, been living in huge home trees. They are also known to be direct and personal connections with Eywa of the guiding force of life and living.

They are proud of the connection with Eywa and they celebrate it in many ways. This is because, according to them, Eywa represents this connection between men and the forces of life and nature. They are also famous for sharing close bonds with their fellow clan people.

They believe in offering their clan members the best of hospitality coupled with a good means. Since they believe in the forces of Eywa, you will find that they are simply clad when compared to other clans. Their clothing mainly consists of loincloths and sparse adornments. They, however, believe in wearing clothes that have intricate and complex loom work.

The Tipani

The Tipani Clan is also an off-shoot of the Na’Vi tribe. They also live almost their entire life in the jungles. They are known to be proficient fighters and expert warriors. They are into combat training at a very young age. They are known to master the art of using a spear and use it both for long-range as well as short-range fighting.

They are also considered to be one of the most proficient and best hunters as far as Pandora is concerned. They are known to stalk animals just to find out how long they can stay clear of the animal without being detected. They are not known to speak regularly but when they do speak, they do it with a lot of conviction, consideration, knowledge, and determination.

The Olangi

The Olangi tribe is another sub-clan belonging to Na’Vi. They are known to love plains and make these lands their habitat. They are nomadic in nature, and they like to follow some well-defined seasonal and migratory patterns across vast plains.

They also love to sleep under the sky and stars. They believe that this is testimony to their belief in freedom of movement. They consider this extremely important and a privilege. This helps them to see a big part of the world and this perhaps brings them closer to the Eywa belief system. They are known to survive through dire horse hunting.

Additionally, they also are good at various skills that could help increase their self-defence and they also move around in primitive transport systems. Hence, there are reasons to suggest that they could be one of the moon’s premier riders.

The Takami

Finally, let us look at one more clan called The Tawkami which has a close affinity to Na’Vi. They are also known to live only in the Jungle and they have a special attraction towards Botanic Alchemy. They have a special place in the history of mankind because they exhibit a deep liking and desire for knowing more about the natural world.

This again is because of their affinity to Eywa. They have extremely good knowledge of jungle habitat, and ways of life and plant life, in particular, are well-known to them. They know how to identify each part of a plant and explain its benefits of the same and also they know how to make use of each part of any plant in the jungle.


It is quite obvious from the above that Na’Vi clans and tribes have been around for thousands of years and they are extremely civilized, and knowledgeable and their common affinity towards Eywa and other such things brings them together in a common bond.

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