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Does Samsung Galaxy Watch Need A Plan

Smartwatches are immensely popular devices that can provide instant communication, calls, and messaging. The latest and new smartwatches also have features including blood pressure monitoring, pulse rate display, activity tracking, GPS, and many others. Samsung is one of the most innovative and technologically advanced companies that offer world-class smartwatches with all the new features and more.

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Do smartwatches need a data plan?

The smartwatches of the earliest generations connected to the phone through a Bluetooth connection and did not include a separate SIM card or a data plan. The next generation smartwatches were enabled to make telephone calls and connections on their own and had the SIM card slot feature. These watches also had the IMEI number just as smartphones do.

The new standalone smartwatches from leading brands including Apple and Samsung have pre-installed SIM cards. For instance, the Samsung galaxy smartwatch comes with a pre-installed SIM (called eSIM) that is activated through an app. The user must download the app on their smartphone to activate the SIM. Therefore, the smartwatch may need a data plan if you are not using them as an accessory to your smartphone and use them as a standalone device. With these standalone smartwatches, you would be able to make/receive calls and send/receive messages without requiring a smartphone. These features can come to a device only if it has its sim card and a data plan for connecting to the internet.

However, a data plan is not necessary for a smartwatch to function. For instance, a smartwatch can connect to a smartphone through a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection and get access to the internet. The smartwatches will use the data plan and the internet connection of the phone for uploading and downloading data from the internet whenever required. The more expensive a smartwatch is, the more features it is likely to carry.

Smartwatches including the Samsung smart and Apple smartwatches can use data plans as they have their eSIM. However, these advanced watches can also connect to your smartphone or a Wi-Fi connection and then use data from the source. Therefore, while it is not a necessity that a smartwatch must have a SIM card and a data connection, many of the latest smartwatches have this feature. If you are choosing one of the latest Samsung galaxy smartwatches, you can listen to music online (using apps like Spotify), send and receive messages, and receive make calls through the watch itself without needing a phone or a wi-fi connection. The watch can use a carrier 4G/LTE plan for that.

Can you use a Galaxy watch without a plan?

You would like to know the answer to the question “Does Samsung Galaxy watch need a plan?” before buying it. The latest Samsung Galaxy 4 smartwatch comes with a preinstalled SIM. You can activate the eSIM and do many activities on the smartwatch including making calls or listening to music without requiring a phone or any other Wi-Fi and internet connection source. However, you can also use your Galaxy smartwatch and utilize its many features by connecting it to your phone or a Wi-Fi connection. Also, you do not require a separate data plan for your smartwatch as the watch would be using the internet plan of the phone itself through the “Number Share” feature provided by carriers including Verizon.

Can you use the Galaxy watch without cellular?

You can only use a Samsung galaxy smartwatch after activating it. There are two ways by which a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch can be activated.

  • You can activate your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch by buying a SIM card and a standard data plan. The watch will get its mobile number and a postpaid/prepaid connection. The stand-alone device that has the SIM card and its mobile number will be able to send and receive text messages as well as make/receive calls from the watch itself and will not require smartphone pairing. For buying the standard plan you must download the app for the Samsung Galaxy wearable device on your phone. The app is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. You will be able to activate the eSIM through the mobile app. Once the activation is done, you can use the Galaxy Smartwatch independently.
  • You can also pair your Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch and activate it by pairing the watch with another smartphone that acts as a host for the device. The communication service providers have plans that allow you to use the mobile number of your smartphone on multiple accessories and connected devices. For instance, Verizon can offer you the “Number Share” plan that you can use for connecting a maximum of 5 devices to your mobile number. The benefits of the data plan will extend to your smartwatch as well if you buy the plan. This way you will be able to receive and send messages and calls on all devices even when away from the phone.

Note: the latest Samsung Galaxy smartwatches can be paired with smartphones having at least 1.5 GB of RAM. Also, they will work with iOS 9 (or above) and Android 5 (or above operating) systems only.

Do you have to pay a monthly fee for the Galaxy watch?

If you are using a separate SIM/phone number/plan for your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch for texting, calling, and using the internet on the watch you will be required to pay a monthly fee for it. Verizon offers postpaid connections for smartwatches. However, the communication service providers and the carriers also have the “Share Number” plans. If you use such a plan, you are not required to pay a separate monthly fee to the carrier for accessing the internet on your smartwatch. The watch will use the main data plan of the smartphone only.

Can Samsung watch make calls without a phone?

As stated, the Samsung Galaxy smartwatches can make calls, send/receive messages, and help you listen to music without requiring a phone. You can activate the eSIM of your smartwatch and do all these activities without requiring a phone.

There is also another way of making calls through Samsung Galaxy smartwatches without using a cellular connection. The latest Galaxy smartwatches come with a pre-installed Google Play Store app. You can download the Wi-Fi-enabled call and text messaging apps (for instance Skype) on the smartwatch, connect the smartwatch to the internet through a Wi-Fi connection, and make calls using the app.


Samsung Galaxy smartwatches can be used as standalone devices that can help you carry out many day-to-day functions including making calls and texting among others, without requiring a phone. They can also help you lead a better and healthier life by tracking blood pressure, activities, and sleep. These features ensure that you monitor vital body signs (including blood pressure) and prevent medical conditions early by taking appropriate steps.

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