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The life and times of an Electric Vehicle Technician

Electric vehicles are getting increasingly popular. As regular motors are getting more and more obsolete, with electric motors taking their place, the world needs more electric vehicle technicians. I, therefore, have looked into what electric vehicle technicians actually do.

Key Points

  • Relevant training programs are present in several learning institutions
  • An electric car technician earns around $60-65,000 annually
  • Duties played by an electric car technician

How to Become an Electric Car Technician

Electric vehicle technicians are specialists in maintaining and repairing hybrid electric cars that use either gasoline or electricity to operate. They also perform roles such as diagnosing and repairing faulty systems of the electric car.

If you have the ambition and drive to become an electric car technician then you’ll need to follow attain some qualifications and possess the relevant skills required in the industry.

Let’s look at some of the steps required to pursue an electric car technician as a career.

Automotive Training

It would be ideal if you underwent formal training by initially completing a postsecondary education for a chance to enrol as an automotive mechanic or service technician. The relevant training program is present in several learning institutions such as community colleges, and vocational and technical schools. The ideal course to pursue would be automotive technology which the candidate can choose to enrol in a certificate or associate’s degree program. The program equips the candidates with relevant knowledge regarding alternative energy sources used in the automotive industry.

After the program, it’s also crucial to enrol in an internship program that gives the candidates a practical feel and experience in the automotive industry. The time used in the internship is used as a working experience which is also a good thing.

Entry-Level Work for Electric Car Technicians

You can seek employment with dealerships, manufacturers, or repair shops. Pick a niche that will help you realize your potential as you gain more knowledge and skills.

The required industry certifications.

It is important to acquire a certificate and license from the relevant governing bodies such as The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) which is keen to reward automotive technicians in different specialities. A certificate will make it easy for you to seek employment in the corporate world. Grow your certification list with one taking up at least two years.

Therefore, an electric car technician will need some formal training, entry-level experience, and certification to have an easier time thriving in the industry.

Electric Car Technician Salary: How much does an Electric Car Technician Earn?

Averagely, as of November 19th, an electric car technician was legible to earn around $23.28 an hour which translates to $63,525 annually. The salary was devoid of bonuses and loyalties which most experienced technicians get to earn alongside their salaries.

There are several jobs related to the Electric Vehicle Technician role that reward the workers more than a typical electric technician’s pay. Some of these positions include Electric Utilities, Manager Electric Utility, and Vehicle Engineer.

The abovementioned roles pay between $39,837 and $54,387 more than the average technician’s salary. If you possess the ideal qualifications and experience you can stand to make more money compared to an average electric vehicle technician.

  • Manager Electric Utility earns up to $108,651
  • Electric Utilities earns up to $99,810
  • Vehicle Engineer earns up to $98,765
  • Electric Power Engineer earns up to $94,101
  • Manager Electric Utility earns up to $108,651, and
  • Electric Vehicles earn up to $95,347 annually
An electric car with charging cable
Electric Car Charging

What Is a Related Career?

Other professionals specialize in building parts that are used to help assemble electric vehicles with the use of state-of-the-art tools. The assembling of the electromechanical components involves the use of tools such as electric motors, gas engines, and generators. There are other specialists that deal with the body of the car ensuring the interior and exterior are well-fitted and playing their roles optimally.

After gaining enough experience most assemblers could earn a better opportunity of becoming supervisors.

Duties played by an Electric Vehicle Technician

The ideal candidate and specialist in the electric vehicle industry need to possess adequate experience and diagnostic principles. The job role revolves around the core principles of repairing the vehicle’s broken system which encompasses the electrical systems, steering, engine transmission, suspension, and breaking.

However, you need to distinguish the nature of this role, employers are looking for full-time, trained, and experienced Level 3, EV technicians. When working on a service team, it is important that the technician is a team player who works well under pressure, is willing to serve customers, and is at the cutting edge of automotive technology. Sometimes this role requires direct contact with customers, so a friendly and professional approach is important.

In addition to the usual routine, automotive technicians replace hydraulically assisted systems with electrically operated systems such as electrically powered pumps or air conditioning compressors to reduce fuel consumption. It is also possible to maintain the internal combustion engine system of hybrid electric vehicles.

Every week, every month, automotive technicians install, adjust, and repair automatic hydraulic or electromagnetic lifting mechanisms to raise and lower vehicle windows, seats, and roofs. You can also repair or replace damaged brake shoes, ball joint suspensions, or wheel bearings.

How to Find Employment in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is constantly looking for trained technicians. There is a growing demand for professional services from trusted employees to promote corporate values. Find out where to find a good job. Dashboards like Auto Employment and most states provide a wealth of information for job seekers locally and internationally.

In today’s world, online job applications have become the norm in the automotive industry. You can’t confirm your work without a resume, and you can’t hope to get a job if you can’t email your application.

It is recommended that you have the appropriate qualifications to secure employment in this sector. In many countries, this means formal training for your employer on a company certificate.

Additionally, having relevant working experience places you in a unique position to get good references from previous employers.

Electric Vehicle Technician doing work on an Electric car
Electric Vehicle Technician

It is also important to stay relevant by following the current trends and embracing new technology. All you need to use an internet-enabled device to look for employment. Electric cars are the newest product in the automotive industry. Request and receive data and data on new brands, models, their properties, and specific components. With the right skills, you can bring job-related knowledge and experience to the automotive industry around the world.

Customers value thoughtful customer service, and you should do everything possible to keep them happy. This allows them to better choose your services than others and spread their positive attitude, ensuring a constant flow of business for you and your employer. Stay near the entrance. The service industry depends on positive customer feedback. This is not possible without your kindness and availability.

Your performance will be judged based on the accuracy of your work. If you are not an observant guy, you may be risking not only your business but the lives of your customers as well. You don’t want this in your workbook as driving to a repair shop can be fatal.

So, if you want to get a job in the auto industry, put your customers first by being honest and caring.

Benefits of an electric vehicle

Below are the benefits of an electric vehicle that you can trust. Why should you choose an electric vehicle?

Electric vehicles do not give off tile pipe emissions.

Electric motors don’t emit as much as internal combustion engines. Battery-electric vehicles are emission-free vehicles. A hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) is a vehicle that has fewer emissions than an internal combustion engine.

Basics of electric vehicles

In terms of air pollution, electric vehicles are environmentally friendly. Are electric cars green? Pollution is making vehicle manufacturers think of electric vehicles instead of internal combustion engines. The government has also taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint. The world’s most populous cities are affected by air pollution. As a result, diesel vehicles were banned in several cities. Smoke-free electric cars are very important in the current times we are living.

Electric vehicles do not cause any noise pollution

The noise pollution from electric vehicles is lower than from conventional cars. High-combustion engines are being replaced by quiet electric motors for electric vehicles. Electric motors are much quieter than internal combustion engines. Electric vehicles that are operated exclusively with electric motors do not make any noise while driving.

Low-maintenance costs

The power transmission of an electric vehicle is not as complicated as that of a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. The maintenance costs of an electric motor are lower than those of an internal combustion engine. Electric cars have fewer than 25 moving parts, while cars with internal combustion engines are estimated to have more than 10,000 engines. The electric car has no other components such as oil, engine cooling system, and exhaust system.

Low operating costs

The cost of driving an electric vehicle 1 km is much less than that of a car with an internal combustion engine. The fuel costs rise gradually without notice and at times it becomes difficult to meet the fuel costs.

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