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Is It Safe to Buy Crypto Wallet on Amazon?

All online shoppers can attest that online shopping is fun but has tension. The most used online market platform is Amazon and eBay. Crypto wallets have their official stores on Amazon that can be sold in multiple countries.

What is a hard crypto wallet?

Tricky crypto wallets are physical devices that store crypto assets’ digital keys. Tricky crypto wallets are named among the most secure ways to store cryptocurrency. The wallets store the private keys in external hardware devices like USB or Bluetooth. You gain several advantages when using a hard crypto wallet, such as:

  • You are in total control of your private keys, where you have full ownership and can manage your funds.
  • The private keys are not online thus, protected from malicious software. It ensures the maximum security of your crypto assets.
  • Crypto wallets provide backup options in case you lose the wallet. You should use the recovery phrase that will grant you access to your funds through another wallet.

Disadvantages of the hard crypto wallet

  • Cost- Most hardware wallets are expensive.
  • Experience- The setup process can be a hassle, especially for beginners. However, there are many guides on the internet that can get you through the process.
  • Accessibility- In most cases, the wallets require you to plug them into a device for you to access your cryptocurrency. The wallets are bets for people who want to have crypto assets for a long period.

Here are tips on how to choose a hard crypto wallet

  • Security features– Ensure that the wallet can offer two-factor authentication and backup features like recovery seed.
  • Ease of use– Some wallets can be difficult to handle, especially for beginners. Ensure to select a wallet that matches your expertise in wallet knowledge to avoid disappointments.
  • Portability– When selecting a crypto wallet, consider if it is easy to carry around or not,
  • Reputation-Check the reviews and customer feedback. Pay attention to the negative reviews that will let you know the disadvantages of the crypto wallet.
  • Supported Operating Systems– Some crypto wallets are not compatible with some operating systems. Before purchasing, get one that matches your operating system.

Is it safe to buy a ledger on Amazon?

As you try to keep your crypto safe, you are certainly expected to wonder if it is safe to purchase a ledger from Amazon. As stated earlier, the safest way to secure your cryptocurrency is through a hard wallet which is done offline. Purchasing a ledger from Amazon is safe but you need to be careful.

The most essential thing to do when selecting a ledger on Amazon is to ensure that you are buying it from the manufacturer’s Amazon store. Go through the review and have a look at what the customers comment about the ledger after buying. 

The most important part of the reviews is the negative part. Learn what the clients are complaining about the most and it will tell you whether the ledger is worth your time or not. Avoid buying the ledger from resellers since most of them are tampered with or might compromise your funds in the future.

Once you purchase the ledger, check whether the ledger is damaged or tampered with. Afterwards, reset the seed phrase several times during the initial setup. This will ensure that your ledger is safe and your funds are secure.

How do you know if a ledger is real?

Ledger products are made via a combination of hardware and software security to ensure that your private keys are secure from a variety of potential risks and attacks. There are ways to check whether the ledger is genuine and not counterfeit such as

1.  Check the origin of the ledger product

Inside the box, there is information about the manufacturer that explains the origin of the ledger. Ensure that the ledger has an anti-tamper seal on arrival. However, the seals can be counterfeit. Genuine ledgers have a secure chip which ensures that no physical tampering can occur. The secure chip provides maximum security than any other sticker.

2.  Check the box content

If you are buying ledger Nano X, the package should include:

  • Ledger Nano X
  • USB type-C cable
  • Envelop with a leaflet on how to get started, 3 recovery sheets and use, care and regulatory statement sheet.
  • Accessories

3.  Have a close look at the condition recovery sheet

After set-up, the ledger should generate a unique set of 24 words known as recovery phrases. The words should be backed up on the black recovery sheet. Nevertheless, you are not allowed to select the 24 words for yourself. 

The ledger device randomly chooses the words for you. The device picks random words for humans because humans are not good at picking random words which might risk the ledger’s security.

Ledger’s production is scheduled at different times; thus some features like colour and packaging may be different. However, these features do not have any effect on the performance of the ledger device.

When buying the ledgers, ensure to make purchases from an authorized distributor to ensure that the device is authentic. Here are the official websites:

  • Official e-commerce website:
  • Official amazon stores in USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Japan.

There are other ledger vendors that might be legit. However, ensure to check the ledger carefully to determine if it is genuine.

Is it safe to buy Trezor Crypto on Amazon? (How to check)

Trezor’s Company, SatoshiLabs has official Amazon stores in several countries. Amazon is safe enough, just ensure that you purchase from the official stores not from resellers. 

Trezor wallet is one of the most secure crypto wallets.

Trezor wallet ensures that your digital assets information is not exposed to the unsecure environment that is mostly found on the internet.

Once your package arrives, you should check for two silver seals on the sides that are covered with thin plastic. The package contains:

  • Trezor device
  • USB Type-B cable
  • Getting started card
  • Recovery seed card
  • Four sticker

Cases of fake Trezor wallets have emerged. The dealers are selling the wallets at a steep discount. Upon purchase, ensure that the package is not damaged upon arrival and that the holographic seals are not missing. In case of any doubts, contact the Customer Service Unit as fast as possible.

To keep your funds safe from theft or any dangers on Trezor wallet, follow these tips:

  • Avoid making digital copies of your recovery seed card to ensure that they are secure from theft or fire and water risk.
  • Avoid entering your recovery seed on any device unless the Trezor device has prompted you.

Trezor wallet can support over 1800 cryptocurrencies. In addition, it is highly portable since the device is tiny and can be carried from one place to another. Trezor uses Tor Network to ensure that you can transact and your activities are not disclosed in their private data.

Is it safe to buy CoolWallet Pro on Amazon? (How to check)

Amazon is among the certified dealers in CoolWallet Pro. It is safe to buy the wallet from Amazon so long as you avoid resellers as most of them sell used and damaged devices. When you use the device correctly, the private key will always stay available. CoolWallet Pro uses Bluetooth to enable users to keep their digital assets safe and control them at their free will. Here are the main features of CoolWallet Pro

  • The wallet enables you to purchase crypto directly or connects you to Binance DEX for trading.
  • The size of the CoolWallet pro is similar to a credit card thus easy and flexible to carry around.
  • It enables you to track, monitor, send and receive crypto easily.
  • The wallet is multi-currency for known crypto assets

Is it safe to buy D’CENT Biometric Crypto Wallet on Amazon? (How to check)

Buying a D’CENT Crypto wallet on Amazon is safe so long as you buy directly from the manufacturer. This ensures that the device is original and safe. Buying a D’CENT wallet from resellers on Amazon is risky as you can receive a device that is used or tampered with which puts you at high security risk. Upon purchase on Amazon, you will receive a 1-year warranty.

The D’CENT wallet has a combination of biometric security and aesthetic design. The device has the CC EAL5+ security chip that is mostly used by the military for security. It is the only hard wallet with biometric security measures making it most outstanding and secure. The wallet can support a wide range of cryptocurrencies globally.

Upon purchase, you will receive a:

  • D’CENT wallet device
  • Short micro USB cable
  • Users Guide